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Bring a bag of clothing and swap for the same amount of items. Guys and girls both welcome!

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You are invited to Voguabond, an evening of swapping and socializing. Enjoy live music and drinks while discovering treasures from others' closets. Ladies and gentlemen are both invited to the party. Our pop-up swap events held in unique venues around the city foster our desire to celebrate change; always travelling and never stagnant. For the price of cover at a bar in Toronto, you can chill at an awesome venue with your friends, listen to local artists blow you away and you get the opportunity swap your barely worn items for something you truly want. Don’t have any clothes to bring? No probs, your cover charge will includes 3 free items anyways!

We aim to solve a very real problem both personally and globally. If you wear clothes—most of the time—you can agree that there is no sustainable way to frequently update a nice wardrobe. On a larger scale, because North Americans buy a new garment a week on average, and make regular pilgrimages to outlet malls, mass production of clothing is having major implications on our society, the environment, and our economy. With closets full of fashion but hardly worn, you can be part of the solution that is needed to help consumers break this cycle of overconsumption and overproduction


we are a team of 5 who share 3 things: a love for fashion, a wanderlust attitude, and a desire to make a positive change
Marlie Goddard
Ali Savoia
VP Operations
Becca Lynch
VP Creative
Erica Dixon
VP Consumer Engagement
Amy Lin
VP Finance


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